Welcome to Willow and Wine! Willow and Wine

Welcome to Willow and Wine!

Welcome to Willow and Wine, where I breathe new life into cherished antique furniture. My name is Sam and I am extremely passionate about preserving the beauty and history of vintage pieces by up-cycling them with creativity and passion.

Willow and Wine Sam

My business specialises in sourcing or purchasing old or abandoned furniture and lavishing them with tender love and care.

Through techniques such as reupholstering, refinishing, and repairing, I am able to  transform worn-out treasures into stunning pieces that (hopefully!) capture the imagination.

At Willow and Wine, we believe in the power of up-cycling to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

By embracing the principles of the three Rs - reduce, reuse, and recycle - we give these forgotten pieces a chance to shine again.

Starting as a hobby a number of years ago when living in the USA, I have developed a deep understanding of creative design and the skills necessary to deliver on these designs.

The decision to move my passion from a hobby to a business is one that was borne out of an extremely painful event when relocating back to the UK from the USA. We unfortunately lost a member of our family in the process, Willow.

We rescued Willow the puppy from a very young age and she quickly became a much loved member of our family. Losing her was, and still is, devastating and I threw myself into my hobby to help deal with this tragedy. It was during the grieving process that I realised that I had to try and make some kind of a positive from the situation which led to the creation of Willow and Wine. 

There have been many bumps along the way as I have learned the hard way but feel that I am now ready to offer unique, often glamorous pieces working tirelessly to restore character and charm back into these tired pieces.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of vintage aesthetics, or someone seeking unique and sustainable furniture, Willow and Wine is your go-to destination.

Join me on this journey as I unveil the hidden potential of antique furniture and bring timeless beauty back to life.

You can join me online at Willow and Wine 

I look forward to welcoming you to our website. 

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